Paradise Girls Hostel


Hostel Management software contains all essential modules necessary to operate hostel at its best desired performance. It is designed keeping in mind all the aspects which help both college and university management and students boost facilities while providing best guardianship at hostels. It is Cloud-based Hostel Management Software is an online framework that guides in regulating hostel/ dorm exercises like administering lodging facility and its charges, manage room and food accommodation, calculate food-court/ mess fees, keep records of hostel staff while issuing finance, salaries, petty expenses and so forth.

Also, refreshing records of students, overseeing hostel and mess subtle elements, assigning rooms and leaves, mess stock administration, creating reports and charges for different facilities, etc., are made simple with the Software. The Benefits and Advantages of using EduSys Hostel Management Software are:

Product Details

  • Could-based interface: No risk of loss of data
  • Centralized data storage
  • Easy access and simple-to-use: Register, allot rooms and transfer students in hostels seamlessly
  • Catalog students’ information
  • Manage and generate hostel workers salaries
  • Allocate wardens to hostel buildings.
  • Attend to students complains and requests
  • Log entrance and exit timings of students in hostel
  • Allot fees for different hostel services
  • Register student food preferences to provide accordingly
  • Catalog students’ information