Web Development

Customized website development is a major requirement nowadays, many fails to serve this need, we takes this opportunity to serve client’s expectations. We make sure that we should deliver the website functioning according to client's requirement. We also provide support to your website post the development phase with our website maintenance service to keep it up-to-date. The importance of having the right web technology for any website is enormous as it would determine the user-friendly interface and functionalities which in turn is all related to the compatibility of the user. Hence, we deliver you highly user-friendly and productive services that bring your business to the next level. Our development team works closely with our designers to ensure that your website meets our high technical expectations. Our web development services, we implement open source technologies which are reliable and enable us to provide you a very high-quality as well as cost-effective solution for your requirements. We strongly believe in working with people in an environment conducive to development and productivity ensuring a very high quality as well as on-time delivery.

We work with latest technologies such as:

  • HTML, XML, CSS, Bootstrap
  • JavaScript, VBScript, AJAX, jQuery
  • C#, ASP, ASP.Net MVC, MY-SQL, MS-SQL Server
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Mobile App Development

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Mobile Application
Mobile as a medium is the most prominent medium for past several years. It will continue to grow rapidly. All businesses rely heavily on mobile and technology around it. Our mobile team understands the complexity and intricacy of bringing concepts to life. We develop our apps keeping in mind the intended audience, their interactions with the mobile devices and expectations from a great mobile app.

Native applications
We have assembled a team of professionals who are well-versed in both iOS and Android development. Native apps are able to full advantage of the performance of underlying Operating System.

Hybrid Applications
Applications where it makes sense to have lighter app with not many OS features, we can develop hybrid apps. With a combination HTML5 and advanced frameworks like phonegap, we are able to quickly deliver applications which work on Android, iOS and Windows platforms.


A software product with any functionality glitch can never get accepted. Even if there is any small app to be tested, functional testing will be integral part. For any product, stability is the feature to get ready as per market requirements. Above written sentences are generic and can be found on various websites. Below we have written few aspects that differentiate companies on the basis of quality:

  • No software QA process can proceed without test cases. Write as many as possible and get many people on work. More mind means more thought.
  • Test cases would not be relevant without input data. Go through requirements properly and prepare input data.
  • Proper understanding of requirements is required.
  • Preparation of test plan is important
  • Execute and log defects

We work with latest technologies such as:

  • Manual, Automation, API, Security & Database Testing Types
  • Functional, Non-Functional, Security & Domain Expert Team

Bulk SMS Gateway

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What is bulk SMS?

BulkSMSGateway solution is easy to use, simple and powerful. Anyone can compose and send personalized SMS messages to an individual or a group of contacts from BulkSMSGateway.in.

Now a days More and more medium and small sized companies are using bulk SMS to communicate with their clients and to reach new potential customers. So Don't be left behind in the competition. So start using bulk SMS as your preferred communication and marketing method.

SoftFeat helps a lot in marketing your brand around the world .with the help of our SMS Marketing Services, With our services new people and your customers to know more about you


A 21st Century access control requires an integrated system that can handle multilayer access control complexity for multiple departmental users.

Our solutions provide advanced features based upon the challenges of a security integrated system. It also enables security coverage from day one of implementation and helps in reducing the risk of time that overruns the cost.

With a consistent solution deployment methodology, we deliver advanced premises Integrated security solution which gives real time information to take corrective action on an immediate basis.

Our systems are of the highest quality and also highly cost-effective. Each system provides the perfect combination of high functionality and reliability, together with ease of use and installation.




Technological innovation is the process where an organization (or a group of people working outside a structured organization) embarks on a journey where the importance of technology as a source of innovation has been identified as a for increased market competitiveness new innovation-questions The wording "technological innovation" is preferred to "technology innovation".

"Technological innovation" better reflects the business consideration of improving business value by working on the product or services' technological aspects. Moreover, in a vast majority of products and services, there is not one unique technology at the heart of the system.

The combination, integration, and interaction of difference make the product or service successful at SoftFeat.